We are true professionals with a huge passion for BMW motorcycles and everything related to them. Tinkering every evening, driving every weekend and if possible a nice trip abroad, both on and off road.

We know better than anyone that 'just passion for motorcycles' is not enough because there is so much more to it these days.

'Dare to Live' make your dreams come true

  1. Having Fun: we all remain people with the same hobby, which is why we attach great importance to a personal approach.

  2. Feel responsible: you feel responsible for everything you do and do not pass this off to your colleague or the customer and always look for a solution.

  3. The Joy of riding: understand the feeling of the customer, the BMW rider, and act accordingly.

  4. Respect for human and nature: have respect for each other but also for nature, the code of honor that every motorcyclist carries.

  5. Don't be afraid to do things different, don't be afraid to do things differently.

Our mission:

To become the best BMW motorcycle accessories supplier.

Our vision:

We think that the motorcycle world is ready for modernization, that the traditional motorcycle shops are getting a different meaning and that the motorcycle shops are supportive of the online webshops instead of the other way around.

We believe that the motorcycle world is also getting an increasingly green character, that we are switching to other fuels and that the production of material should become 'greener' .

-Dare to Live-